Artwork Details

123fish-red.png, Andrew Rosinski, 2018, 18" x 24", UV print on aluminum, edition of 3, signed on verso

About the Artwork

This artwork was created inside of the internet browser and the final composition was downloaded as a file directly from the browser.

Pricing Chart

Purchases are limited to one edition per buyer. Price is a fixed price set in fiat currency (USD). Exchange rates are dynamically updated every 10 minutes. Even though the cryptocurrency exchange rates vary from minute-to-minute, the buyer always pays the same fixed price. The pricing chart below is the current price-per-unit in cryptocurrency (dynamically updated every 10 minutes).

Currency Symbol Current Price
Bitcoin (BTC) 0.07250481
Ethereum (ETH) 2.57482787
Litecoin (LTC) 5.928862
Dogecoin (DOGE) 236969.5270518


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This is partially an experiment that seeks to prove the viabile utility of using cryptocurrency as a means to purchase something from someone IRL p2p OTI (on the internet).

Pricing is limited to one edition per buyer. Prices are set at a fixed fiat currency price set in USD. Exchange rates are dynamically updated every 10 mins. Even though the exchange-rate changes every 10 minutes, the buyer will always pay the same price.

The pricing chart below is for 1 unit. Shipping is included (domestic and international).

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Robinhood (forthcoming)

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