written by: Andrew Colarusso
visual Andrew Rosinski
music: Matt Walsh
duration: 3 min infinite loop
release year: 2010
two-channel video | 720x480
sound / silence (two options)


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A two-channel video installation featuring a scroll of two-column text, written by Andrew Colarusso, with visual and animation by Andrew Rosinski, and music by Matt Walsh of The Forms and The Desert Fathers. The piece is an endless two-screen loop.


The traditional Pavane proceeds slowly and carefully in something of a courtly static. There is a preservation of distance in its sound that suits the accompanying dance; typically man and woman standing shoulder to shoulder, fingertips gracefully touching. They move forward with the music, kicking gently in synchronicity with each appropriate flourish. I found this renaissance music tailored to the image of carnal desire. Consider the dynamic present between the two dancers and the music that aligns them. Anne Carson describes this as the basic geometric of eros — the triangle:

“It is not a poem about the three of them as individuals, but about the geometrical figure formed by their perception of one another, and the gaps in the perception. It is an image of the distances between them.”

I sought to enact the voices of at least three figures in the space of one musical act. There is the mother, there is the amateur, there is the beloved and beyond them there is the space — the tower, the gatekeepers and their dreams. There are the objects as well present — the calla lily in particular. Borrowing from the imaginations of Diego Rivera, the flower itself comes to represent this great unknowable space, how it is torn between their fingers and insoluble in their voices.

The directions make clear that this piece should be spoken by two voices in opposition. Within this triangulation of characters, there are the two voices, movement toward and movement away from the desired other. What should remain here is a portrait of the negative space, that which remains unsaid as constituting the epicenter of this erotic episode. Here is not simply the triangle, but the tetrahedron of desire.


With the kinetic text and visual, I sought to mirror the complexities of the text itself. I started my process by reading and rereading the text over and over using an orange highlighter and pen. Certain words jumped off the page, I would jot down some ideas and visual motifs on paper, and I would take my orange highlighter and highlight them, vis-a-vis highlight visually by creating visual tropes that chased the words' inherent complexities.

The aesthetics of the visual is governed by a strict color rule I established: use only red, green and blue, with the exception of grayscale — and then we have the pink and yellow fluid, which embodies something special.


The piece is two-channel standard definition and is to be displayed on two-separate and synchronized monitors that endlessly loop. The visual is silent; however, beneath the display is an audio player, with headphones, playing a loop of supplementary audio. The video is SD, therefore the monitors need not be fancy — any interlaced 4x3 monitor will work perfectly fine, granted that the two monitors are equal size.


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OP. IV for inkjet on uterine vellum 4/4
violin/voice 1


			    -            -stay 

			    -            -stay 




you were

our mother           in the mouth of the tunnel 
shut eyes inside and back-            -held sun 
the blood of first born calf      sings in half 
life-           -marrow in her cheekbones adorn 
her children                      like red vine 
climbing her a hiding                    linden  
traffic moving around her-             -purpose 
as rotund eyes to her children       all weighs 
our mother           in the mouth of the tunnel 
before the rail                strike lightning 
her nail to black cormorant-          long neck 
to navigate                    the cavern space 
the subterranean edifice   she has become 
intuition in the mouth of her               sun 
unconvinced she will be there    when the 
tunnel collapses          -the bearer of lilies 

in the mouth of my 
has she come?                         your one 
calla lily 
                                 -and from who


OP. IV for inkjet on uterine vellum 4/4
violin/voice 1

what your shoulders meant               to then 
be lethargy           the water of our patience 

on the gate keepers brow is a         narrowing 
parapet-               -hungry for the untoward 

who has eaten as quickly        time in an arch 
over the gate keepers dream-              -they 

react in temperatures          near premonition 
atop the tower last left           your amateur 

has eaten as quickly           time in an arch 
over the gate keepers dreams-            -wade 

through their heights         -as the  katydid 
is not to meet its heights      -your  amateur 

dried the lips-        -on your knees  sipping 
its slim shadow a soft composition        soft 

hair and heather-          who built the hands  
that built this-                   -and slowly 

dried the lips-         -on your knees sipping 
the slim shadow of the tower              made 

hair stand feather-       -who built the hands  
that built                          this tower 

barring light-                   umbrage whets 
the language-            the tongue may embalm 

the fetishes                chiding and slowly 
holding air turn chance turn            we are 

pressed forward              -eyes questioning 
what my shoulders meant               -to then 
press between-                      your teeth 

                             stained with wine 
                       -and wrong giveness nod 
we begin again 
when your amateur has left-         -your one 
calla lily-             -beloved will you nod 
when one lily away                will not do 

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