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The Minimalist Monaco-Monospace WordPress theme is 100% free for download. I highly suggest reading the Read Document included.

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Tip #1: Min. Mon-Mono is not the best for publishing your 1000 page thesis; this template is best for bloggers who write short posts, i.e. 1-6 paragraphs, because 'they' say monospace fonts are not the best for readability. Nonetheless, you can always open your style.css file and customize your font-family settings. If you foresee yourself writing long posts, I highly suggest changing fonts to Courier New.

Tip #2: This template makes a great notebook/journal/diary

Tip #3: This template is great for the plain text blogger.

Tip #4: This template is great for a photo/image/art blog.

Tip #5: This template is great for mathematicians, scientists, and NASA employees.


To make your layout look gorgeous, I suggest the following:

Tip #1: The left sidebar is fixed, therefore do not overload it with content. Be safe and avoid content clipping by keeping the height of the left sidebar under 600px; some internet surfers have tiny monitors. I suggest using a maximum of 3 widgets; however, I suggest keeping the two default widgets in the left sidebar: the Categories and the Pages widget.

Tip #2: The right sidebar is secondary, and you can load to the brim with widgets. Try adding the archives widget, and/or using the custom html widget and embedding a custom image/logo/design of your own.

Tip #3: If you wish to avoid using Sidebar 2, try creating an archives page for your Sidebar 1: WP-Dashboard -> Pages -> Create New Page -> Enter the Title of your Archives Page -> change page template from 'default' to 'archives' (bottom right sidebar) -> save / publish. You can also do this for a links page.

Tip #4: Customize your favicon Customize your favicon: Design a 50x50px favicon --> export 1 .png, 1 .gif, and using an online generator service, copy convert either the .png or .gif to a .ico:
Place these three files in the root folder of the Minimalist Monaco-Monospace theme folder.


Any and all feedback is appreciated. If you're experiencing some issues, questions, criticisms, suggestions, and so forth, please post a comment here on the support forum. I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. I would love to hear your thoughts.

The Themeshaper Support Forums is also a great place to find information about using and tweaking child themes within this framework. The WordPress Support Forums is another great resource for everything related to WP and theming -- I am sure you will find answers to almost all of your questions using these three resources.


Minimalist Monaco-Monospace is my first WordPress theme design for public release. It features minimalist and monospaced typography on a clean typographic grid. Min. Mon-Mono features a sticky footer and two widgetized sidebars: a left fixed (sticky) sidebar, and a right sidebar. This WordPress theme is 100% free for download.


Minimalist Monaco Monospace is for WordPress 2.6.x+ (and 2.0.x); features full widgets compatibility; Valid XHTML 1.0 (Transitional).

--> A minimalist, grid based design, with strong focus on monospace typography: clean, spacious, and easy to read. Focus on content, not lame web 2.0 bubble clunk design.

--> Two widget-enabled sidebars: the left sidebar is fixed (sticks in place); the right sidebar is secondary, and scrolls like a normal sidebar.

--> A non-obtrusive sticky footer, featuring ASCII art for your RSS a href.

--> A pre-installed favicon that you can customize.

--> Flexible: Includes a page template, a links template, and an archive template.

--> Easy to install and lightweight.

I built Minimalist Monaco-Monospace using the Sandbox framework; a brilliant blank-slate framework by Andy Skelton and Scott Wallick.

The core feature of Sandbox is its markup. The class-generating functions included with the Sandbox create an extensible and semantic XHTML structure.


Mac Visitors will see the site set in the Monaco font.

PC Visitors will see the site set in the Courier New, Courier, Consolas, or Lucida Console.


Whether it be one side bar or two sidebars, Minimalist Monaco-Monospace looks sexy either way. Minimalist Monaco-Monospace features two widget-enabled sidebars. See screenshots for examples of Min. Mon-Mono with one and two sidebars.

These sidebars can be edited in the WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets. Use these sidebars wisely:

Sidebar 1 — This is the left side bar and it sticks in place as one scrolls. It is 154px wide and it's in your best interest to keep it at a maximum height of 600px.

Sidebar 2 — This is the right side bar, and it scrolls with the primary .divs. It is 105px wide (way slim) and has an infinite height. By default, there are no widgets pre-installed in this sidebar; therefore, you can use this WordPress theme with only one sidebar, which is more minimal, or simply drag widgets into the second sidebar to make space.


1. Download and extract the Minimalist Monaco-Monospace WP theme.

2. Read the text readme and the Sandbox .html readme.

3. Using a FTP client, upload the theme folder to your WordPress wp-content/themes directory or upload a .zip via WordPress Dashboard: Appearance -> Themes -> Add New Themes -> Upload.

4. Navigate to Appearance -> Themes in the back-end and activate Minimalist Monaco-Monospace.

5. That's it. Now you have a sexy blog!

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