The Purling River

	A purling river runs through us
	Whence sprang from His Divine Vein
	And we whirl on forward
	To the refulgent terra firma
	Where the Golden Aeon reign.



	Times, lines, find
	Through time, the Sign
	Infinite line of fine

	Thread of Will
	Thread of Divine
	One mind, two in kind

	They thread the line
	They sign the time
	Mind the line
	And find the line

	The record of ALL
	Twined Divine
	Ip up and down and UP
	New Land abundare
	Find, found, scintillate, effloresce, astound.

	Profound bright
	Hot green, hot red
	O'er the Homestead


Luminous Wake

		reveries  &

		verities    &

		reveries      &

		verities        &

		verities          &

		reveries            &




	Look to the sky
	Find Divine Beads
	String and set in motion
	The stars plants seeds.



	They wrote in the past
	And they are here
	In the present.


	It is all the Great Work
	Building something to last
	At last.

Fire + Water

	Fire moving water
	Fire moving water
	Fire moving water
	And this is how it is to be.

Lantern Light

	Lantern Light Night                0                 
	First Generation                   ;
    	The Gyre of Regeneration           .
	Reflects the day                   ;
	And a new day scintillate          .
	In the night                       ;
	In the late late                 |||||
	Night                            [:≡:]
	Darkness in the night            [ ∴ ]
	Pulls line focus on night light  [:≡:]
	Ardent lit light sight           |||||
	Lite Site                          ?
	Project lite sight
	In the night site
	Bright great white
	Light bright
	Entrance to the Omniscient
	Masters of time.

	Oh yeah
	Seen, sometimes unseen
	But please believe (in)
	This Lodge.
	Believers will see
	A great see of sea
	Now see.
	___ ____


	OUT the Window
	AND O'er the shower

	OUT in the late on the lake
	AND the undulating glimmer, the make of the Flower

	EVINCE by patience, the Entrance, a Fate
	SKY wait for Sky, undulate, I can, but I cannot wait.
	WATER of the outer river and oh vvavy, vvwavy
	WAKE from the dock and the loving limpid current of water

	OUT our outer, into our inner, dither
	AND the old gold : new gold : simmer

	IN AND OUT OF this confounding glimmer
	AND the effervescent gate, and the wait, all great lakes

	GREAT creep, great crawl
	RAMP of the end of day
	FIND the wheel and the mirror of their shadow
	AND they project upon and 
	LAND the beautiful land, I love 

Red Red Ribbon

	Red Red Ribbon
	In the invisible sky, there is an ultramarine ladder to climb
	An ultramarine ladder and the effervescent
	Teachers drawing nigh

	Your red red ribbon
	Tows this forward on the horizontal wake of the vertical climb
	You are the honey of the pantheon, you are sweet nectar divine
	Your red red ribbon will tie-up a bouquet of flowers for hours
	The infinity of the moment, the minute, all of hours

	I know that the end of fear is brought by the visit of death
	The ruling of the great light is what brings this forth
	Know the effulgent entrance is forward fire North
	The key is looking in and looking upward
	Live our life for the greater source
	The end is always the beginning
	But this is what matters in the beginning of the end

	I red the ribbon
	You are such honey of the high, you melt flowers
	Spring is nigh and there are hot buds with divine power
	New blossoming buds bring new waves, waves never like any before
	Ride the waves of change and
	Realize there is no limit to which you may travel

	So, red red ribbon
	This is life


	Mercury, I can see, Mercury.

	Peaceful thing float in sky 

	Let us see
	See here
	Here hear
	Great deer, have no fear.

	Mercury, I can hear you, Mercury.

	You are the seer.
	Your are the communicator.

	I say hear me.
	You already have.
	I say near me, you say down below.
	I say big sky —
	Say we will adopt the highway.

	Mercury, sweet Mercury

	Hear us when we say: 
	No War, just peace.

	Let us meet. 
	Adopt a highway 
	Spirit animal 
	Falcon in sky 
	Mend the good!

	Mercury, I can see

	Two sweaters.
	Good morning guidance letters

	Sense this sense
	Tell of the Messenger; the Mediator 
	That traversed
	The Early Universe.

	You can see, Mercury.

	I love
	You, how you stand

	By the sun
	'Till the work here is done.
	Help us with our land.
	Pick up the pace; we can learn;
	World be better place. Change be great.

	You can see me, Mercury.

	It's a comfort to me, 

	Knowing you
	Are closest
	To the Sun.
	Spinning; communicating; 
	Communication spun.



	The warmth of the sun and the gift of water.
	Now, I turn to you
	Neptune, I turn to you.
	I love you, blue, I love you, I love neptune.

	Neptune, the water of our soul.
	So deep and so blue.
	So unknown and so true.

	True blue, Big Waves
	Neptune, I turn to you.
	Ignite my electric blue hues
	Neptune, I think of you.

	Blue, I am yours, and I am happy, and I am blue
	Neptune, I throw a rainbow ring 'round the Moon.
	Neptune Blue, I build paradise for you.

	Neptune, they say unseen to the naked eye,
	They say you cannot see neptune in the sky
	Is this true or have I seen you?

	Neptune is still forming.
	Powdery blue
	Cosmic dust and true water true, Neptune, the Sun is true.

	Neptune shall be our home away from this home
	If we wish
	Do we wish, how we wish, and when we wish
	Is what I wish to know.

	I wish to know you, Neptune
	I wish to bask in the glory of your sunlight
	Feel the magic of your blue.

	So true, 
	So true, 
	Most certainly true, true, 
	And without doubt.

	So soft and so blue, big waves and all that is blue
	So unknown and so old, and so bold,
	So new, so strange, so true.

	Neptune, the mystery of my life
	Neptune, to know you is to know the mystery.
	Neptune, home, 
	Neptune, to know you is to know love.

	And to know love is to know life.
	Love ends all suffering, all pain, and all darkness in the night.
	Love ends all strife.
	For the morning star dances for you, Neptune,
	Neptune, The star sing and color for you.
	_ _____ __ seventh, for you.


	Jupiter's Sky to the Sky
	Presents, coming presence of ... 
	And two Suns and Friends meet in the sky, teary-eyed. 

	Their Light confounds the eye
	Yet light never lie.

	We cannot let a grand opportunity
	A blessing, traveling our way 
	Pass by. 

	The dark of night 
	Is unfailingly allayed by the morning light. 

	Mornin', light. 

	In sight, 
	The sunrise —
	The yellow, the orange — 
	And a view from the porch. 

	Seeing past darkness, 
	Even seeing past light, 
	Is where you find magnificent insight. 

	And three ascending points. 

	It is time to build. 
	Build upon, build on. 

	A view, 
	Coast to coast, 
	Corner to corner, 
	Where we have a beach and its shore, 
	Where we see the most. 

	Where we have sight: 
	A chain of Friends, 
	Alingin' and a climbin' the lining. 
	The white rips of caribbean blue shores; 
	Sunshine; moonlight; 
	Ascending upward also toward. 

	And we have the the Sun Lodge.

	The lovely Sun Lodge. 
	The sunny place; 
	The sunny place where we learn. 

	Great Winds of Change 
	Ineffable Change 
	Comin' everyone way 
	We see the Range.


This videotape is a videotape with origins unknown.  
	It is dusty to the beta max. 
	Some say this videotape is a video pen: a pen that pens love. 
	Mustn't think too hard, nor think too fast. 
	Fast to think to think too fast.  
	They think to fantasize, and think to undress, 
	and unless they guess it's all right to guess, 
	They know They know. 

Some say this videotape indeed does undress ... 
	a rainbow garden many'd said to profess the delight of our Light, 
	and our lost era, 
	and the Error. 

People wandr'd off a lovely Shared Track. 
	How to rekindle our Lost and find our Found. 
	How to bring the ineffable back. 

When unsure, 
	stop ahead 
	and take a break. 
	With Knowledge of what next, 
	feel great. 

This video is a videotape beta to the max. 
	A videocassette: magnetic tape with static, 
	with low-resolution picture quality, 
	with faint audio secrecy, 
	the audio river 
	and the Big Waves. 

Time is time and time and time again; 
	time is no time; and our time is lookin'. 
	A beach for time. 
	Focus on touch. 
	Focus on reach. 
	The love of dreams 
	is a beach. 

Love found on the beach of a shore, 
	a shore we seek, 
	we search forever, 
	and forever, 
	and forever more 

This videotape is just a beta-max videotape. 
	Thine to find, in the distance, 
	is the island, the water, and the lovely beach. 

Sea the sea; 
	sea the sun. 
	Sea to sun, 
	and stars in the sky. 
	Stars to the sea, 
	and sea to the sky. 
	and sea the sun; 
	sun to sea. 
	Sea the Sea, 
	and sea a beach.

Loving to reach.


	In transit, in car
	Sunshine oneside
	Otherside: rain

	Clear circle in the middle
	A Halo that hover
	The while when forest fire rage

	Quick break to coax bright
	Then sunshine reign.


	Mother Moon,
	Six moons above 
	A starless night
	With shores illuminated by a soft green light 

	Dock is there
	And the six moons shine bright
	Let it be, let it be,
	Swim forward
	Swim forward
	Let life in
	Set the spirit free.


	A hawk guards the tip of the pine
	Hither the divine

	A trail in the woods
	Can lead to this pine
	A pine that is thine

	No straight line
	Just a line


	Look to Nature
	Find Divine Beads
	String and set in motion
	The Earth plants seeds