Jupiter's Eye

2010, 1 min, video, two-screen installation, color, sound, english

a two-channel scroll installation
Watch synchronously; synchronize p.1 and p.2

Jupiter's Eye (2010) by Andrew Rosinski Jupiter's Eye (2010) by Andrew Rosinski

text transcription


Jupiter's Eye.

Jupiter's Sky to the Sky, 
	Presents, coming presence of ... 
	And two Suns and Friends meet in the sky, teary-eyed. 

Their Light confounds the eye, 
	Yet light never lie. 

We cannot let a grand opportunity, 
	A blessing, traveling our way, 
	Pass by. 

The dark of night 
	Is unfailingly allayed by the morning light. 

Mornin', light. 

In sight, 
	The sunrise —
	The yellow, the orange — 
	And a view from the porch. 

Seeing past darkness, 
	Even seeing past light, 
	Is where you find magnificent insight. 

	And three ascending points. 

It is time to build. 
	Build upon, build on. 

A view, 
	Coast to coast, 
	Corner to corner, 
	Where we have a beach and its shore, 
	Where we see the most. 

Where we have sight: 
	A chain of Friends, 
	Alingin' and a climbin' the lining. 
	The white rips of caribbean blue shores; 
	Sunshine; moonlight; 
	Ascending upward also toward. 

And we have the the Sun Lodge.

The lovely Sun Lodge. 
	The sunny place; 
	The sunny place where we learn. 

Great Winds of Change 
	Ineffable Change 
	Comin' everyone way 
	We see the Range.